Ski maps

As a cartographer who has become a keen skier over the past eight years, the thing that always strikes me every time I go is the amount of maps. I struggle to think of many other pastimes where maps feature so frequently or heavily. There are more types of map, beyond the piste map, than you might originally think.

The biggest clubs in world football

Using freely available online data about football clubs and combining it with the geographic locations of their stadia from Wikipedia, I have …


A welcome most sincere

On the back of the multitude of news stories, tweets and facebook shares around Israel and Gaza; Russia and Eastern Ukraine; Syria; …

HERE with a new look

Nokia’s maps are here again with a new-look and some new features ‘The best maps remove unnecessary elements to clearly illustrate the …

Map Collection no.5

It has been a while since I shared a gallery. Purists may say they are not all maps but these are definitely eye-catching representations of geographic data.

© Christopher Wesson 2014

Escaping to the country

Over the past few years there has been much interest in themed maps and texture maps. This combined with the recent OS blog post Maps on screen gave me the idea to replicate some of the maps I have seen on the TV to show how easily data can be transformed in appearance and to show how easy a ‘similar style’ can be created.


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