Fukushima, two years on

On my birthday 2 years ago, Japan was hit by a massive earthquake and tsunami – both the kind of natural disaster that I had studied with interest during my time at university. This led to the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster.

Two years on and the plant is still leaking contaminents, the latest being reported on the news channels about an hour ago.

At Ordnance Survey we have seen what groups like MapAction can bring to disaster zones in the immediate aftermath of an event like this. But what I found interesting of late was a post on Google’s blog from a few weeks ago where the Mayor of Namie-machi, a small town within the Fukushima exclusion zone, explained how the town’s inhabitants have all been evacuated but the unique viewpoint of Google Street View is allowing the citizens of Namie-machi to assess the current state of their homes and businesses online.

Read the full post on Google | Official Blog.

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