A collection of maps from the internet (and one from the tele)

Some of the maps that have grabbed my attention in recent months

Crustal Thickness of the Moon

A NASA graphic from data captured by the Grail mission. Just quite interesting really – to see how thick the moon is and the variances of thickness. I’d prefer it without the stars which map Olivine – a magnesium iron silicate mineral.

Nike+ run locations
Nike+ run locations

Nike+ run locations on Google Maps. One of the best combined heat and cluster pin maps that I’ve come across to date.

Formula 1 - Melbourne circuit guide (screenshot from SkySports F1 HD)
Formula 1 – Melbourne circuit guide (screenshot from SkySports F1 HD)

Formula 1 circuit maps, unfortunately not on the official website but they are shown before the races on the TV coverage. I think they look really cool.

Northacre London zoom map (London Design Agency)
Northacre London zoom map (London Design Agency)

I like the colour scheme and use of Magic Zoom™. I don’t understand why more online maps don’t use java-based zooming. It seems to be quicker than Flash or even HTML5 equivalents. Take the London Underground for instance, unless you want to save and print then loading up PDFs is a faff, wouldn’t something simple like this be better?

For web map services I’m a big advocator of vector maps, but if you are mapping a relatively small area then raster certainly still has its advantages.

Rimmel London marketing map

Designed by Alan Deas, this Rimmel London marketing app links product varieties (different shades) to different areas of London to promote the Salon Pro product range.

Dakar 2013 – the great escape

The official course map of the 2013 Dakar rally. Wonderful design, I love the colours, the good level of detail for an overview map and of course the effect of the undulating desert sand. Funnily enough the 2014 route map is already out and is pretty poor in comparison.

Submarine Cable Map 2013

All of telegeography’s maps are wonderfully designed. The site also offers a brief explanation.

Syria military map, 28th April 2013

Adjusted lines of control in Hama using information from the ‘One Body’ battle front. Good example of neocartography providing the latest data to a mass internet audience. I was attracted by the use of primary colours over satellite imagery.


Tacographia! Frank Jacobs has a wonderful and creative ‘strange maps’ blog. He is a map lover who collects and blogs maps that are not only wonderful but also have a sense of humour. This particular example is from L.A. Taco, their website is also well worth a browse from a graphic design perspective.


CityMaps. I like the simplicity of CityMaps. Finding any of those stores on a map looks so much easier without building footprints, without any legend/numbering system and without any other ‘clutter’. Okay footpaths aren’t shown but I admire the simplicity and clarity of it.

Squirtual Reality Art Machine Installations

Art Machine installations worldwide map. They quite easily could have used a traditional world map or plugged into Google Maps but instead they kept to their identity and made this lovely, pastel yet bright, world map as a fun base for their location pins.

Thorpe Park 2013

A new map for a new season at the theme park. Loads of things cartographically don’t work, but its colourful, crazy and the rollercoasters are coming out the map ‘at ya’, so I really couldn’t care less!

Le Tour De France 2013

This year celebrates the 100th Tour de France. Okay so the mapping has changed little over recent years but why change something that works so well?

2011 Economic Losses Related to Selected Natural Catastrophes
2011 Economic Losses Related to Selected Natural Catastrophes

This risk report by the World Economic Forum (WEF) contains several maps from other sources that have all been adapted into a consistent style: simple but quite clever.

(C) copyrights to all original sources.


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