Dynamic mapping: Wikipedia edits LIVE!

Live map of Wikipedia edits
Live map of Wikipedia edits

This is not as heavily blogged as I suspected. I always like the simple nature of Mashable so was pleased to see that they posted on this earlier today.

As Lorenzo Franceschi-Bicchierai writes, ‘Wikipedia, the encyclopedia of the Internet, is a constant work in progress. Its articles are being crowd-edited every minute by scores of people around the world. Now, thanks to two programmers, you can see what articles are being edited in real time, with every edit conveniently displayed on a world map.’

Whilst not really ‘every’ edit, only those of non-registered users, it is truly fascinating nevertheless.

Read Lorenzo’s blog post ‘Fascinating Live Map Shows People Around the World Editing Wikipedia’ and get the link to the live map here on Mashable.


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