Map Collection no.4
– including interactivity and timelines

Okay, time to share some more maps from around the web! Quite a theme of interactive maps and timeline visualisations in this one. Enjoy.

2014 Map of Freedom by Freedom House

The Internet by Martin Vargic

NASA MODIS Fire Frequency Map of Sumatra

Quite a grim one here. The map shows the deaths of illegal immigrants to Europe.

Official interactive map of the Sochi Winter Olympic Games

Interactive wind globe by Cameron Beccario

Tracking the flight of Eric the gull by Peter Desmet
Eric_GullRead more about Eric

The work of a farmer by Javi Santana

The Guardian maps a timeline of Aviation

Finally, something that I put together for an Ordnance Survey blog post to commemorate 50 years of Southampton being awarded city status. A timeline of West Bank/West Quay in Southampton.

And of course the previously posted LA shooting timelapse visualisation.

All work copyright of credited authors.


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