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Work-related features

High-contrast mapping

When I was tasked with creating a new location map or ‘How to Find Us’ map for OS, I realised I could show far more detail whilst making it look like less and be easier to read and mentally route along. The idea of high contrast maps was born.

Hidden styles in OS stylesheets

In the stylesheets the rest of the CartoDesign team and I create at OS, we have offered a default style for more than you might think. Just because countours and boundaries are not shown by default doesn’t necessarily mean that we haven’t done the hard work of styling them for you! Read on to find out more…

The Fox and Tumulus

I recently read an article by Tom Cox at The Guardian on his preference for paper maps over satellite navigation devices, citing his adoration for OS maps.
So, who better to debate this topic than an OS cartographer with a fondness for maps in their digital form, I thought.


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