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Labelling expressions for QGIS 2

Since 2.0, QGIS has allowed expressions to define each of a layer’s property settings. These can be accessed via the dropdown icons …

Satnavs and Story Maps

Back in 2011, ESRI released Story Maps: a series of applications that allow you to use ArcGIS Online web maps to share …

Some handy ArcGIS label expressions

At Ordnance Survey we have increasingly looked to ESRI’s ArcGIS and Maplex for labelling and label placement. There are certain more advanced …

Illy tips and tutorials no.4

Part 4 of my 5-part series on map finishing in Adobe Illustrator. Tip #4 Glowing effect (actually a feather technique) – great …

Illy tips and tutorials no.3

2.5D Symbols

Full 3D glass buttons (many tutorials exist for web use) sometimes don’t print very well and can look a little strange over a flat map. They also rarely facilitate integration of a logo, symbol or in this case a flag. To accommodate I have taken the 3D effect techniques and modified them to create a slightly lifted, badge-like, effect suitable for map symbols either on-screen or even printed.

Illy tips and tutorials no.2

So here is part 2 of my 5-part series on map finishing in Adobe Illustrator. Tip #2 Simple effects – drop shadows, …

5 tips and tutorials for map creation in Illustrator

Each day this week I will be bringing you a tip or technique to help with map finishing in Adobe Illustrator. As I am at the ESRI International User Conference, I shall start with a simple tip for exporting maps from ArcGIS if you plan to then ‘finish’ them in Illustrator.

Tip #1: Bring ArcGIS documents in as PDF


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