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The 27th International Cartographic Conference took place in Rio de Janeiro from 24th to 28th August and I was lucky enough to …

Barbara Petchenik Competition 2015

My personal favourites from the Childrens Competition at ICC 2015. Titles vary as chosen by the children but the theme as in 2013 is ‘My place in today’s world’.

The Geography of Prepositions

A fortnight ago my Belarusian friend and I were talking about football as usual and he asked me if ‘playing at home’ …

The Fox and Tumulus

I recently read an article by Tom Cox at The Guardian on his preference for paper maps over satellite navigation devices, citing his adoration for OS maps.
So, who better to debate this topic than an OS cartographer with a fondness for maps in their digital form, I thought.

NeverLost, apparently!

Renting a car with Hertz for the first time later in the year, so I thought I’d revisit the whole trip planning thing.

Real data but carrying a few extra pounds

I have long wanted to post about the many ‘news stories’ on the web, usually spread via footer advertising, which make a determined story out of quite storyless data. In this post I have tried to use a map to highlight the issues.

Ski maps

As a cartographer who has become a keen skier over the past eight years, the thing that always strikes me every time I go is the amount of maps. I struggle to think of many other pastimes where maps feature so frequently or heavily. There are more types of map, beyond the piste map, than you might originally think.


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