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Keeping up with the Googles:
A Western obsession or a true cartographic innovator?

‘A perfect map of the world,’ proudly announced Google vice-president Amit Singhal.

Obviously a well-rehearsed marketing line and not a proclamation that Google have actually achieved the impossible. Yet in the past month the conversation over an ‘improved’ Google Maps aided by the pre-release of Google Glass has brought our world of cartographic design to a fever pitch of frenzy; but is it justified?

Spread of EU accession state nationals in England & Wales

The concept in summary has been to balance two ideas:

– To create a political-themed map with a neutral perspective, presenting the data without drawing any conclusions.
– To combine the best of small scale mapping techniques with those of currently in-fashion infographics.

Mapping with Meteors

Meteors enter our atmosphere on a regular basis. On a normal night you can typically see a few sporadic meteors per hour. …

Tokyo City Symphony

To celebrate their 10th anniversary, Roppongi Hills have created ‘a website in which users can experience a 3D projection mapping on a miniature model of the city of Tokyo at 1:1000 scale.’


I came across this through ‘Maps on the Web‘ on tumblr and had to repost. Afrographique contains many wonderfully clear and vibrant …

Google Maps: Street View reaches 50 and Earth gets the Leap treatment

Fifty countries that is. Considering the search giant’s trump card in its Google Maps portfolio covered just five U.S. cities in 2007, that is quite some achievement. The mapping service reached its 49th and 50th countries on Tuesday by launching in Hungary and Lesotho, according to the Google blog.
Lethso, a country surrounded within South Africa, is listed as the 50th country but returning to Hungary, the company are vastly improving their Eastern European coverage through their partners.

An evening with Michael Palin

Last Friday, 12th April, I went to the Royal Geographical Society in London with my CartoDesign (#CartoDesign, #OSCarto) colleagues to the stand …


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