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Okay to design small but always think big

Cartographic design is rapidly evolving. It is no longer sufficient to just make a map. We must understand the value of the data and the importance of what could be achieved if everybody can access, visualise and understand that information.

High-contrast mapping

When I was tasked with creating a new location map or ‘How to Find Us’ map for OS, I realised I could show far more detail whilst making it look like less and be easier to read and mentally route along. The idea of high contrast maps was born.


I came across this through ‘Maps on the Web‘ on tumblr and had to repost. Afrographique contains many wonderfully clear and vibrant …

A pep talk

Kid President’s pep talk works on so many levels. I originally shared this on facebook several months ago. But I am reposting here in the hope it inspires some of you to create something that will make the World awesome!

How maps inspire us

Last Thursday I spent the day at SteerDaviesGleave in London, where the Design Group of the British Cartographic Society has arranged a programme of talks by people who have taken maps into their artistic fields.

I admit to being slightly sceptical. I guessed that the event would either be some organic-munching, slightly new age, overly arty types banging on about how they love walking with OS Explorer Maps, or it would be some brilliant artists that have taken their passion for art, mixed it with a mapping slant and come up with something slightly outside of the box and probably outside of the limits of my imagination. Thankfully, I am very pleased to report that it was far closer to the latter.


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