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Hidden styles in OS stylesheets

In the stylesheets the rest of the CartoDesign team and I create at OS, we have offered a default style for more than you might think. Just because countours and boundaries are not shown by default doesn’t necessarily mean that we haven’t done the hard work of styling them for you! Read on to find out more…

A better storytelling

Telling a story with a picture, a map and a user scenario. I have been working with our product management team at …

Labelling expressions for QGIS 2

Since 2.0, QGIS has allowed expressions to define each of a layer’s property settings. These can be accessed via the dropdown icons …

ESRI International User Conference

The week before last I was fortunate enough to be at the ESRI Conference in San Diego. I went as an attendee, presenter and map exhibitor. The event was very worthwhile and I have written a summary post that will soon be available on the Ordnance Survey blog.

Spread of EU accession state nationals in England & Wales

The concept in summary has been to balance two ideas:

– To create a political-themed map with a neutral perspective, presenting the data without drawing any conclusions.
– To combine the best of small scale mapping techniques with those of currently in-fashion infographics.

Heat maps expand into the mainstream

In cartography there has been almost a revival of heat maps in recent years. I should start by clarifying what I refer to by the term ‘heat map’.

Across different disciplines, heat maps mean different things from isotherms in meteorology to pixel matrix displays in graphics and computing. In cartography and GIS, the term is used to represent location weighting or densities. Caitlin Dempsey gives a very good description on GIS Lounge:

‘Heat mapping, from a geographic perspective, is a method of showing the geographic clustering of a phenomenon. Also known as hot spot mapping, heat maps show locations of higher densities of geographic entities.’


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