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Illy tips and tutorials no.4

Part 4 of my 5-part series on map finishing in Adobe Illustrator. Tip #4 Glowing effect (actually a feather technique) – great …

Illy tips and tutorials no.3

2.5D Symbols

Full 3D glass buttons (many tutorials exist for web use) sometimes don’t print very well and can look a little strange over a flat map. They also rarely facilitate integration of a logo, symbol or in this case a flag. To accommodate I have taken the 3D effect techniques and modified them to create a slightly lifted, badge-like, effect suitable for map symbols either on-screen or even printed.

Illy tips and tutorials no.2

So here is part 2 of my 5-part series on map finishing in Adobe Illustrator. Tip #2 Simple effects – drop shadows, …

All next week, from the ESRI International User Conference in San Diego CA, I will be sharing some tips and tutorials to aid map finishing using Adobe Illustrator.
Starting 8am (GMT) Monday 8th July 2013. I hope you’ll find them useful. → July 4, 2013

City tourist maps

City breaks took off as a holiday choice, particular for Europeans with the growth of low-cost airlines in the late 1990s. Most city tourists, me included, don’t purchase a map either before they go or even when they arrive. The internet and web maps allows us to plan our trips in advance and upon arrival, whilst technophiles will get out their smartphones or tablets, the rest of us (in my case to avoid roaming charges) seem confident that our hotel, youth hostel, a bar or sightseeing bus company will have a free map that will be adequate for their needs.

I have many examples of such maps and all of them are usable but many only just. They are ‘get by’ maps, mainly produced by graphic designers. Okay they are free, but I believe they can be better.


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